JIDA Capital is well positioned to generate proprietary investment opportunities in China and deliver superior risk-adjusted return to our partners by having in-depth knowledge and insights of the markets and the regulatory environments that we operate in. JIDA Capital has a number of attributes which set us apart from our competitors:

Deep Local Roots

JIDA Capital’s senior leadership team were Chairman/CEOs of leading Chinese companies.

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Having a highly experienced local team with diverse background and outstanding track record, JIDA Capital:

  • Has the reputation of the most knowledgeable and resourceful financial partner in the renewable energy industry
  • Builds strong relationships with developers early on and acts as their “Trusted Adviser” in helping them to grow
  • Runs best-in-class investment process yet expeditious in execution
  • Helps our partners leveraging CGN’s procurement economy of scale to lower construction costs for our partners
  • Arranges competitive financing packages for our partners leveraging CGN’s deep banking relationships
  • Harnesses cutting-edge industrial knowhow from operating data and management experiences gained from working with CGN over its 15 GW of renewable energy portfolio and applies it to optimise our projects’ design and operations to drive outperformance over project life

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Trained Globally, Acting Locally

JIDA Capital’s team consists of 100% ethnic Chinese from all across China and have extensive experience in investing in Chinese infrastructure assets, yet many of us have studied abroad and were trained internationally with private equity fund managers, financiers and engineering consultants.

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Our team had worked in multinational companies such as Babcock & Brown, Black & Veatch, DNV GL, Equis Funds Group, Goldman Sachs, H.R.L. Morrison & Co, and Sgurr Energy, and have invested in China, United Kingdom, Spain, United States, Latin America, Australasia, Thailand, Philippines and others.

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Investing With Our Communities

JIDA Capital is built on the core belief that create positive externalities from our investments will also help deliver better risk-adjusted returns to ourselves and win-win outcomes for all stakeholders.

Focused Strategy

JIDA Capital is focused on sectors which we have or have access to deep operational expertise, i.e. renewable energy, energy connectivity, energy applications and transportation.

Trusted Partner

JIDA Capital takes time to fully understand stakeholders’ needs and we apply our knowledge, knowhow and resources to help our partners to advance their businesses, and very often our partners do the same with us. We develop strong bonding with our partners which ensure a long lasting trusted relationship with our partners.

Powerful Partnerships

JIDA Capital has partnerships with leading businesses in China. Specifically we have a long term strategic advisory relationship with CGN Private Equity, including co-sponsoring CGN Capital Partners Infrastructure Fund III.